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Natalie Cooper is the artist, owner, and CEO behind Custom Art by Nat Coop. She has gravitated towards art since childhood, but really began growing into an entrepreneur while painting signs and other promotional art for Kappa Delta, her sorority at the University of Memphis. After graduation, she founded her business in 2017, and since then has painted over 600 custom commissions! She paints in her signature “pop art” style, and her original acrylic paintings are full of bright, vibrant colors to invoke joy in those who see them. :) 


Natalie specializes in pop art paintings of her clients beautiful pets (aka fur babies), and she also pays tribute to all the best that Memphis and its surrounding neighborhoods have to offer through her collages. These paintings feature local sites, beloved restaurants, the Memphis Grizzlies, and of course, Natalie’s alma mater, the University of Memphis Tigers!


Her popular collegiate paintings feature universities and colleges throughout the Southeast, such as the University of Tennessee, Mississippi State, Auburn, Ole Miss, the University of Arkansas, and more. These collages are always created in collaboration with recent graduates so that Natalie can truly capture the unique experience of attending that college.


You can find Natalie’s pop art collage prints in many stores throughout Memphis and North Mississippi, but her most famous work has consistently been her custom pet portraits. Natalie has a passion for animals that she hopes shines through in these paintings. She loves her career as a professional artist as it combines her talent for marketing via social media (which is actually what she studied in college!) with her lifelong love of creating art. She cannot wait to see where this career will take her! Her business has grown to encompass 2 studio spaces, 5 stores (and growing!), and in 2022, hiring her first employee, her sister and business manager, to help expand her business even more. She hopes you will keep supporting her as she has lots of plans for the future!

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