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2024 Commissions Open!

Please give me 1 month **minimum** notice for your painting(s) to be completed.

scroll down for prices


Canvas Sizes & Starting Prices!
(one pet)
Prices are displayed above photo - tap image for more info.

**Smallest size offered for two pets on

one canvas is 16X20 -
it is an additional $150 per pet added to canvas**

Choose between 1, 2, or 3+ colors for your background

The Better
the Photo -
The Better your Painting!

Here are some examples --- 
but keep in mind a few key elements that make for the best reference photo:

- good lighting (daylight)
- face forward
(looking at the camera)
- eyes open!!
- a little personality never hurt (tongue out/head tilt)

**One good quality photo will typically suffice, but you can send me as many as you like so we can find the perfect one :)**

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